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A solution adapted to your business

How do I know the exact cost of producing and distributing microchips? Or how much does it cost to keep an aircraft carrier ready? With ordinary software, you won’t find the right answers to these questions. Discover how cost & performance offers you all the answers.

Solution for the industrial sector

You are an industrial company, you have difficulties in calculation of your production costs, the cost of unused capacity and waste, you need to have a fairly clear and precise visibility on the profitability...

Solution dedicated to the insurance sector

Insurance companies, operating on a reverse production cycle, require the implementation of a dynamic cost calculation system to anticipate and simulate their product costs.

Solution dedicated to the Large distribution

Large-scale distribution undertakings often find it difficult to determine the profitability per point of sale, in particular because of the lack of a plausible and relevant method for fairly allocating common charges.

Solution dedicated to the banking sector

In the current circumstances, financial institutions need to know costs accurately and analyze the detailed profitability by product and customer segment, in order to anticipate their decisions, adapt their rates,

Solution dedicated to the Telecom sector

Our software solution enables to calculate the precise cost and profitability of each product, plan, class of customer, region; using all methods applicable to the telecom sector:

Solution dedicated to the public services sector

Thanks to its functional richness, the software we offer, makes it possible to support a cost system of service companies regardless of size. Features such as the allocation of reciprocal benefits, the native calculation of FTE, as well as the ability to connect to multiple data sources

Cost-effective solution

Today, most online shops facing low margins on their products can only be profitable if their «cost of service» is as low as possible. Our example of a service cost model offers a robust, rich and detailed multi-dimensional cost model, perfectly suited to manage service cost in a professional and cost-effective manner.


Our solution offers you several methods
Our solution provides you with multiple cost and allocation accounting methods, analysis and simulation tools, and more to answer any questions about cost and performance.
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We offer a feature-rich solution to automate any cost system
We offer a feature-rich solution to automate any cost system regardless of its level of complexity and the desired level of detail and forecasting.
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Frequently Asked Questions :

We provide you with our Costing solution allowing a detailed and multidimensional analysis of your historical and forecast costs as well as profitability, in order to easily detect your sources of profitability and take the appropriate actions in time.

Today, most online stores facing low margins on their products can only be profitable if their “cost of service” is as low as possible. Our sample cost of service model offers a robust, rich, and detailed multidimensional cost model that is ideally suited to manage cost of service professionally and profitably.

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