Solution dedicated to the insurance sector

In the current circumstances, financial institutions need to know precisely the costs and analyze the profitability detailed by product and customer segment, in order to anticipate their decisions, adapt their prices, and meet the constraints of cost control of the various services.
Our analytical solution, calibrated as the world leader in banking by an international firm following benchmarking, allows in particular:

  • Calculate the cost and precise profitability in full costs of each banking product and service, client segment and agency while crossing the different axes between them;
  • Deduct the budget to have the forecast profitability in full costs by product, service, customer segment, agency and any other dimension of analysis;
  • Make the Rolling forecast ’by simply updating budgets and recalculating the landing at the end of the year while easily consolidating the periods;
  • Perform simulations on future profitability and record several scenarios to be designed (for example rates, volumes, staff, number of agencies, market rates, etc.).