About us

Our mission is to provide a clear vision of your profitability to improve your performance


Cost & Performance, the cost experts

Our approach Agile and pragmatic  based on years of feedback.

Our international Cost & Performance network, founded by chartered accountants, specialized in the design and deployment of multi-sector costing systems:
Our team of specialists and multidisciplinary consultants implements our turnkey solution in a highly optimized time frame by adopting a pragmatic approach based on more than 30 years of experience

Our values

Cost-Performance’s success is based on a set of values that aim to satisfy our customers through the excellence of our team, its availability and its involvement.


We are very attentive to the needs of our customers and want to be a reference by meeting their requirements and optimizing their satisfaction.


We are looking for the best, we are investing every day to achieve excellence and offer to you the best service.


We currently cover 50 countries in Africa via Cost & Performance Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia and a fairly developed network of partners, as well as Europe via Cost & Performance France.

Cost Better Bigger Faster

We offer you a solution designed to serve as a cost allocation method. Thanks to the software’s unique design with layers, objects, attributes and assignments in combination with intelligent and proven calculation algorithms, it can handle any cost method. In addition: Our solution allows you to improve your current and future cost allocation methods.

Using state of Better Bigger Faster

Conditional cost distribution, dynamic references based on formula, and multidimensional allocation of costs to high transaction volumes are just a few of the many advanced algorithms that illustrate the intelligence of our software.

In a transparent Better Bigger Faster

With our solution, transparency is guaranteed through the graphic object browser, exploration and roll-up analyzer, whiteboard and reporting generator, making this software an ideal tool for: communicating with stakeholders, improving the cost knowledge of non-financial colleagues and convincing regulators of the compliance of your allocations.