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Design and modelling of cost systems

Our team of specialist consultants by sector (Telecom, banking, insurance, industry,) and through a return of experience, have the tools and skills to provide a cost system model which is adapted to the company, in particular its sector of activity and its specificities, and which at the same time meets the expectations and objectives of a such system.

Automation of calculations

Regardless of the cost system complexity and the volume of data required for calculations, our team of data integration and processing consultants have the expertise to automate cost calculations and provide our clients with a “Turnkey” cost system.


A range of services adapted to your costing and analysis needs

Automation of the budget process

Our solution platform makes it possible to integrate the different budgets and check their consistency, while allowing control over access and modification of budget data.

Analysis of past and predictive profitability

Our “Turnkey” solution can be supplemented, optionally, by an analysis of historical and/or predictive profitability and provide an action plan to improve the company’s performance.

Reliability of master data

In addition to our “Profitability Analysis” service, we make available to our customers, if necessary, a team of auditors whose mission is to verify and make reliable the master data to be used for the calculation of costs and profitability analysis.


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