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Cost and performance consultants support several companies, belonging to different sectors, to set up and / or improve their cost accounting system according to their size, their needs and the level of maturity of their IS.

  • Telecom sector
  • Financial sector​
  • Industry & logistics sector​
  • Health & Insurance sector​
  • Public sector​

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Our team of specialist consultants by sector (telecom, banking, insurance, etc.) and thanks to feedback …

Regardless of the cost system complexity and the volume of data required for calculations

The Cost Perform platform makes it possible to integrate the different budgets and check their consistency



Our solution offers you several methods
Our solution provides you multiple cost and allocation accounting methods, analysis and simulation tools, and more to answer any questions about cost and performance.
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Many organizations use our solution. Their choice is based mainly on wealth
Our costing software, calibrated world leader following a functional benchmarking by an international consulting firm, is used by many companies worldwide in different sectors, and supported by a network of 45 partners across 5 continents.
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Frequently Asked Questions :

We provide you with our Costing solution allowing a detailed and multidimensional analysis of your historical and forecast costs as well as profitability, in order to easily detect your sources of profitability and take the appropriate actions in time.

Today, most online stores facing low margins on their products can only be profitable if their “cost of service” is as low as possible. Our sample cost of service model offers a robust, rich and detailed multidimensional cost model that is ideally suited to manage cost of service in a professional and beneficial manner.

We currently cover 50 African countries through Cost & Performance Tunisia and Morocco and a fairly developed network of partners, as well as Europe through Cost & Performance France.

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